It's going to be our BIGGEST sale yet! Basically I'm in need of a huge inventory and I reaaalllly don't want to count it all, so I'm going to have a BIG sale to make room for new items! There will be different items listed over the upcoming days / week and we will post some deals HERE in THIS post so you can follow along but items will be listed for sale on the website only, which will ONLY be open for the sale items (no retail will be available outside of the sale).
You can make multiple orders but, in the end, shipping will be EXACT shipping on your combined orders which we will REIMBURSE AFTER we determine the shipping on your combined orders. It will NOT be flat rate shipping. At the end of the sale, you will just have to message us with your orders to combine.
There will be:
  1. Discontinued surprise fabric (Girl and GN)
  2. Remnant packs
  3. Discontinued panel packs
  4. Sale on surprise rapports
  5. and more....
Sale starts Thursday September 5 at 8:28 am and will last until I've made enough room for fall and new items at the Whimsy headquarters!