Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fabric content?

Fabric and panels are printed internationally and the content is 95/5 cotton lycra knit. The weight is 220 gsm with one meter being approximately 39” x 56”.


What are the sizes of the panels?

Child panels: 18” x 18”:  $10 USD per panel
Adult/Romper Panels : $13.00 USD per panel
Big kid panels: 30” x 21” 
Adult panels: 39” x 28"


How much is shipping?

Shipping USA to USA for panels:
1-2 panel is $3.00USD
3-6 panels is $4.25 USD
7-18 panels is $6.50 USD

Shipping USA to USA for fabric:
1 meter $4.25 USD
2-3 meters $6.50 USD (PFRE)
4-6 meters $12.50 USD (MFRB)
7-12 meters $17.50 USD (LFRB)


Shipping CAN to CAN for panels:

1 panel is $2.50 CAD
2-5 panels $6.00 CAD
6-12 panels $13.50 CAD

Shipping CAN to CAN for fabric:
1-2 m $13.50 CAD
3-5 m $16.50 CAD
6-8 m $20.00 CAD


USA to Europe for Panels:
1-4 Panels $13.75 USD
5-7 Panels $22.75 USD

USA to Europe For Fabric:

1 meter $22.75 USD
2-3meters $32.95 USD (PFRE)
4-6 meters $66.50 USD (MFRB)
7-12 meters $86.95 USD (LFRB)


USA to Australia/New Zealand Panels:
1-4 Panels $13.75 USD
5-7 Panels $22.75 USD

USA to Australia/New Zealand Fabric:

1 meter $22.75 USD
2-3 meters $33.95 USD (PFRE)
4-6 meters $75.95 USD (MFRB)
7-12 meters $95.95 USD (LFRB)

How do I pay for PreOrders?

You will be invoiced via paypal (or EMT if you request). Please state in the forms that you fill out if you are Canadian or American (or elsewhere). Exact shipping may have to be calculated.


Is there layaway?

Yes, there is a non-refundable layaway program. Just PM Amanda or Hafdis if you need this option. Typically it's 50% of order plus shipping at invoicing and then 50% at time of shipping.


What is the turn around time?

The turn around time for fabric and panels is about 8-12 weeks from the ORDER date of a round of fabric or panels. For panels that are in stock, shipping will be within a week.


How did Whimsy Baby Customs start?

Whimsy started because I wanted to have certain prints for my girl's clothes.. so I started printing panels from Spoonflower. People started asking about them and so I decided to make all the panels! It then evolved to fabric. I now almost exclusively print from my INTERNATIONAL printer. Such better quality of fabric and such better colours!


Who are the admins of Whimsy Baby Customs?

My name is Amanda Ho Hansen and I am the Whimsy Baby Customs. I also have a boutique where I occasionally sell baby/toddler clothes. I am from White Rock, BC (Vancouver, BC Canada). It's right near the Canada / US border and my husband works in the US daily, which makes shipping to both countries super easy!


Hafdís Miller Hafsteinsdóttir (phew pronounce THAT name) is the organizer and financial manager of the group. Clutter makes her mad and she keeps things tidy and keeps Amanda in line from making and ordering all the fabric!