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Adult Underwear Rapport Fuck Cancer Pink Floral (Passive Aggressive) (AU009)

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This underwear panel is special.  I made it around the time I lost my sister to cancer.  And now, my friend has been diagnosed with cancer.  

I call it passive aggressive because, if you look closely at the floral print, you will see "fuck cancer" written throughout but it's very subtle...passive aggressive.. pretty but angry too!

Underwear panels measure about 28" x 40".

There is a front panel, a back panel and two long panels for the bands

Image size is about 5" x 5"    Panel size is about 22" x 20"

Main cord 22" x 20"   Secondary cord 6" x 39"

This is printed on super soft, luxurious knit fabric composed of 95% cotton and 5% lycra.
Weight is approximately 220-240 gsm.

Please see the dimensions in the image below.

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